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About Us

Your Creative Ally

Welcome to Coffee with the Ratz, an initiative by the Digital Ratz Agency.

We are a team of passionate Digital Marketers and Coffee enthusiast, who are committed to helping businesses achieve their online goals.

This platform is all about sharing Knowledge, Expertise and Tips to help businesses grow and succeed.

We believe that Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving field, and we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. Our team is made up of experts in every area of Digital Marketing, from SEO and Social Media Marketing to Web Design and Email Marketing.

Coffee with the Ratz, was born in, cognizant of the unexploited opportunities that the internet gives us in terms of marketing and business development. We believe that every business deserves to have a strong online presence, and we’re committed to helping you achieve that. Through our Newsletter, Podcast and Webcast, we will provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies that businesses can use to succeed in the digital world.


Our Founding Ratz

Ravi and Keshina the dynamic duo behind Digital Ratz Agency and our very first 2 Ratz. With a passion for Digital Marketing and a Commitment, to help businesses succeed in the digital space, have built a reputation as innovators and forward-thinking marketers in the industry.

The Duo have a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed online. They’ve helped businesses of all sizes and in all industries achieve their Digital Marketing goals, and they’re dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible service and support.

What sets our founders apart is their Devotion and their Commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the latest trends and best practices.

But it’s not just their expertise that makes them so special – it’s their dedication to their clients. They understand that every business is unique, and they take the time to get to know their clients and their goals before developing a customized digital marketing strategy that’s tailored to their specific needs.


keshina Aurtaram

Host & Managing Director

Keshina is a Heartfelt, Passionate, Compassionate and Humble Person. She has a profound passion for Singing. She likes to Dabble in DIY and Painting, Hiking and have an everlasting love for animals, especially the flurry one. She is a free spirit, with a mind of her own and has her own way of doing things. So she is definitely not a monotonous person. She pours her creativity and passion in everything she does. Her Innovative and Ingenious mind is what is missing in your strategy.

Superpower – She is Lady Muse, she is the one you go to when you lack Inspirations and need Creative Ideas.

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Ravi Soobraydoo

Host & Media Director  

Ravi is an Ardent Bibliophile, Opera and Classical music groupie, Vinyl collector and a huge Fan of the All Blacks. He is Pragmatic, Fiery Creative, Tempered with Discipline, exigent towards Efficiency and result oriented.

He also displays his profound love for books in writing Article and Blogs, and explaining stuff to people.

Superpower – He is Mr Solution Finder. He is the one you go to when you need a solution.